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Embedded Wireless Labs’ Achieves Global Standards with Six Sigma

Putrajaya – Embedded Wireless Labs chalked up another success story recently when its project managers, Christian Kumar and Faizal Sanusi graduated from the Six Sigma Green Belts programme by MSC Malaysia’s CDP ‘Innovate My Process’ Initiative at a ceremony held at the Pullman Putrajaya recently.

“Increasing Corporate Website Traffic" Six SIgma project by EWL project managersMDeC’s Capability Development Programme sponsored 21 Six Sigma Green Belts trainees from 12 participating MSC companies to practice Six Sigma methodologies and increase marketability of products through zero defect’ practices to ensure consistent quality. Six Sigma is a business management strategy that utilizes data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company’s operational performance by systematically managing process variations to eliminate product defects. The courses were conducted at the MSC Innovation Centre over 6 months from June till Nov 2009 by Six Sigma Consultants Lean Applied and the Lean Six Sigma Academy.

With the scenic Putrajaya Lake as a backdrop, the graduation evening started with an opening address by the Ahmad Syahrir, Manager of the Capability Development Department, MDeC. Shahrir revealed that one of the challenges faced by the CDP Programme team was to change the mindset of Malaysian companies who were initially slow to see the value of improving their processes and preferred quality improvement initiatives like ISO.

MDeC COO Ng Wan Peng

Guest of Honour, MDeC COO Ng Wan Peng then took to the stage to deliver the keynote address. Ng Wan Peng credited the CDP team for persevering with the Six Sigma programme despite its initial slow start and made it into a success. She added her fervent wish that participants would continue to strive for improvements after completing the programme.

Shahril Fadhil Goh, CEO of Lean Applied

Next Shahril Fadhil Goh, CEO of Lean Applied took to the rostrum and made the point that Lean Six Sigma is all about effective problem-solving and recognising problems as “opportunities”. He highlighted the overall success of the Six Sigma programme in that the twelve participating companies registered total projected savings of RM3.13 Million.

The Graduation ceremony next highlighted two projects that had been chosen as case studies- a project by Sze Peng of ACS on Data Management which demonstrated how defects can be eliminated; and another was  Embedded Wireless Labs team’s project “Increasing Corporate Website Traffic”. The EWL project was selected as one of the case studies of how Six Sigma methodology was being applied to marketing activities. The project measured and analysed visitor traffic to EWL’s corporate website and implemented strategies to convert visitors to sales leads.

“This makes it worth all those late nights staying up finishing the project”, said project manager Faizal Sanusi as both Christian and Faizal graduated as Six Sigma Green Belts with the rest of their class. Both project managers thanked MDeC’s Capability Development Programme for the opportunity to participate in the project and especially to Sharil Goh and Zamree of Lean Applied for their guidance throughout their project. “We initially took our time to identify the project but in the end decided on the corporate website as it was integral to all the companies’ projects and also as it was being revamped at that point,” said project manager Christian Kumar. 

The highlight of the evening was the presentation ceremony when all the Green Belt graduates went onstage to receive their Six Sigma certificates from MDeC COO Ng Wan Peng. This was followed up with a photo call for the graduating class and their lecturers on the scenic boardwalk terrace overlooking the lake

Link to Six Sigma Graduation Ceremony

– Press Statement by Embedded Wireless Marketing. Images courtesy of MDeC.

Faizal Sanusi at the Graduation Ceremony (extreme right)

Christian Kumar with MDeC COO Ng Wan Peng and Lean Applied CEO Sharil Goh

Christian Kumar receiving his award from MDeC COO Ng Wan Peng

Faizal Sanusi receiving his award from MDeC COO Ng Wan Peng

The Six Sigma Graduating Class

– Report by EWL Marketing. Images courtesy of MDeC


About embeddedwireless

Embedded Wireless is a next-generation wireless telecommunications company offering connected healthcare and services for independent living, chronic disease management, elderly home care, personal wellness, intelligent automation, end-end 3G/4G enterprise solutions and telecommunications. Embedded Wireless delivers custom-designed products and solutions with cutting-edge engineering capabilities in digital hardware, RF, ASIC/ FPGA, software and embedded software. Embedded Wireless Labs was established in Malaysia in 1997 in the Multimedia Super Corridor, among the first 100 companies to be granted MSC status. Embedded Wireless, Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in 2011. Embedded Wireless, Inc. operates in Boston and San Francisco to co-ordinate sales and marketing activities for our connected heath solutions in the US market. We are strongly committed to building successful products and have patented over 47 technologies.


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