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Embedded Wireless Labs Presents Six Sigma Project at MSC Knowledge Sharing Session

Cyberjaya : Embedded Wireless Lab’s project manager Christian Kumar, was a key speaker at MSC Malaysia’s Industry Knowledge Sharing session in the MSC Innovation Centre here to share insights from the hugely successful Six Sigma Green Belt programme.

The Knowledge Sharing Session was initiated by the MSC Capability Development Programme to promote international best practices such as Six Sigma, among MSC Malaysia companies. MDeC’s Capability Development Programme sponsored 21 Six Sigma trainees from 12 participating MSC companies to practice Six Sigma methodologies and increase product marketability through zero defect’ practices to ensure consistent quality. EWL’s project managers Christian Kumar and Faizal Sanusi’s collaborative graduate Six Sigma project, “Increasing Corporate Website Traffic” was one of two projects highlighted at their recent Sigma Graduation Ceremony. Christian Kumar’s presentation at the Knowledge Sharing Session “Six Sigma in Corporate Website Visitor Traffic and User Experience shared insights on a successfully implementing Six Sigma in Marketing. Background Six Sigma is a business management strategy that utilizes data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company’s operational performance by systematically managing process variations to eliminate product defects. The “Knowledge Sharing with Market Practitioner and CDP Six Sigma Green Belt Graduates” was part of MSC Malaysia CDP’s efforts to raise the level of competitiveness of MSC Malaysia Status companies through the adoption of international best practices as well as enhance their capability and global competitiveness. To date the CDP has seen participation by 250 MSC Malaysia Status companies in 20 programmes in key areas in customer service, systematic innovation, cost optimisation, process improvement, product performance enhancement, and brand management among others. Target audience of product managers, development executives, sales managers and customer relationship managers were in attendance to gain insights on how Six Sigma Program could contribute to best practices in their companies. Opening and Keynotes: 

Ahmad Shahrir

Shahril Goh

CC Tham

Ahmad Shahrir, MDEC Programme Manager and MC, warmed up the audience by touching on how CDP’s efforts to get MSC companies to adopt best practices was paying off especially through the successful Six Sigma project. Shahril Goh, Lean Applied CEO, delivered an overview on Six Sigma’s application in general business operations and its capability for achieving measured results. “We looked at the ICT industry as it shows a lot of unpredictables in terms of outcome. So when they really apply the Six Sigma tools they have earned, they will be able to at least provide good predictable outcome when it comes to software development and engineering,” he added. CC Tham, Consultant, LSS Academy and Master Black Belt elaborated on the voice of customer and how measuring results are critical to consumer metrics. CC Tham showed his knack for making the statistical models and numbers easier to chew on for the audience. Key Speakers :

Christian Kumar, EWL

Zech Lim, Eacap

Dr Aruleswaran, LSS Academy

Six Sigma in Corporate Website Visitor Traffic and User Experience” – Christian Kumar, Project Manager, Embedded Wireless Labs delivered a presentation on his Six Sigma project after the coffee break, highlighting key challenges companies often faced when making huge investments in information technologies owing to the lack of measurable metric to justify ROI. “To implement successful projects, it is critical that project managers drill down to the roots causes and isolate the vital few defects that cause the majority of the problems.” Christian pointed out when fielding questions from the floor. “Bid Proposal Management Process” – Zech Lim, Senior Manager, Eacap presented his Six Sigma project. He connected to the audience as many could relate to his situation where people often show no urgency until the deadline looms around the corner and then try to get everything done at the last minute resulting in a bottleneck “We managed to reduce cycle time for our bidding process and achieved 10-15% savings from applying Six Sigma. Our estimated annual savings currently come to about RM140,000 and we hope to continue to have more savings with different departments in the future.” Dr Arul Aruleswaran, Managing Director & Consultant, LSS Academy rounded up the Knowledge session. “We have proven to 12 MSC status companies that Six Sigma can be applied successfully to deliver results in the IT industry. What Six Sigma does is help companies set up good measurements that will help them understand and improve their customer satisfaction, their business performance and their employee satisfaction.” Based on the audience’s reactions, it was obvious that they were taken up with the idea of using Best Practices such Six Sigma to measure results for corporate website projects. Resource The MSC Malaysia Industry Knowledge Sharing session on Sigma Sigma demonstrated how Six Sigma can be successfully used as a measurement tool to predict the outcome of a performance or quality of a product to help improve specific areas in an organization.

– Press Statement by Embedded Wireless Marketing. Images by EWL and MDeC CDP. 


About embeddedwireless

Embedded Wireless is a next-generation wireless telecommunications company offering connected healthcare and services for independent living, chronic disease management, elderly home care, personal wellness, intelligent automation, end-end 3G/4G enterprise solutions and telecommunications. Embedded Wireless delivers custom-designed products and solutions with cutting-edge engineering capabilities in digital hardware, RF, ASIC/ FPGA, software and embedded software. Embedded Wireless Labs was established in Malaysia in 1997 in the Multimedia Super Corridor, among the first 100 companies to be granted MSC status. Embedded Wireless, Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in 2011. Embedded Wireless, Inc. operates in Boston and San Francisco to co-ordinate sales and marketing activities for our connected heath solutions in the US market. We are strongly committed to building successful products and have patented over 47 technologies.


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