Streetspace’s New Web Stations Deliver Touch Screen Banking

Kuala Lumpur – Walk into the brand new shiny CIMB banking hall in Gleneagles Ampang and you will not fail to notice the newly installed Internet banking terminals for bank customers to conduct transactions online.

A bright 1024 x 768 resolution screen and an eye catching industrial grade stainless steel keyboard more often seen on ATMs will be the first things you see about the new Endure-T Web Station™. Step closer and you will notice the new 15” touch screen that was created to meet customer demands  to enhance the user experience and interaction with applications on banking sites.

That’s not all. While most people are familiar with bank security features such as cameras at ATM machines, the new Endure-T Web Station™ takes this idea a step further with a in-built web camera that can be activated by banks as a security feature for user verification. The web camera also works with facial recognition technology and can be verified over the network to ensure safe and secure Internet banking at the retail branches.

Positive feedback from customers about their experience of the product has repaid the product development team’s strategy to develop a new model to complement the popular Classic model. Muhamad Azlan Hassan, a  mechanical engineer with over 13 years experience designing telecommunication products, felt creating the new model was an opportunity to enhance the user experience with new features. Importantly as well it was a great design opportunity to reinvent the overall process.

Throughout the design stage, the product team took steps to reduce number of parts, materials waste and assembly time – all of which combined to cut the process by 87 percent. They took the bold approach of building a new body with sheet metal instead of sand-cast aluminum This increased the number of units produced to 10 per day from the two previously.

“We successfully shortened manufacturing time and cost to customer by reducing parts and process time”, said Azlan. “The unit previously used up to 10 different types of fasteners. At the end of the process, we reduced fasteners and total metal parts by 70 percent.” he added.

Azlan, a University of East London graduate in Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, was instrumental in implementing the Design For Manufacturing Assembly (DFMA) process practiced in EWL that constantly pushed the team to seek ways to improve time to market.  “The DFMA methodology is an analysis for reducing cost and time in manufacturing. Assembly and manufacturing time are reduced as parts and processes are reduced.” he explained. Using this practice the development team consequently managed to reduce manufacturing cost by 60 percent and shorten assembly time by 75 percent.

“We successfully shortened manufacturing time and cost to customer by reducing parts and process time” – Azlan Hassan, Mechanical Engineer

So how does the process benchmark against earlier practices?

“These process changes resulted in a 30 percent cost reduction or cost-saving to customers. It goes to show that if we can reduce the process, parts and assembly time, we can lower the cost,” he added.  Azlan  reworked the Endure-T design using Autodesk Inventor to  implement the process improvements and delivering enhanced features.

Apart from its wide LED touch screen, new design features of the Endure-T model includes a hard drive storage, new keyboard with left and right mouse click buttons for the mouse, and shortcut keys for “http”, “www”, and “.com” What’s more, as the Classic model was designed for the US market, the Endure-T has also been designed to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act.

For Azlan, his motivation comes from seeing the design being being applied and used by the public. “As people become more comfortable doing their surfing and banking transactions in public, there is a need for good design to enhance customer experience”

The new Endure-T model in the CIMB banking hall in Gleneagles Ampang


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