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Connecting the Wireless Generation to the Twitterverse

Gryphon 3G Wireless Router is connecting you now to the Twitterverse

A familiar sight at any conference these days, many of the over 180 participants packed into the Microsoft Auditorium at Joomla! Day Malaysia 2011 could be seen busy tweeting away in the Twitterverse about the presentations or updating their blog feeds.

“At Joomla Day Malaysia 2011, its awesome ! The presentation by Ryan Ozimek was wonderful ! Cant wait for the new release for 1.7 ..#jd11my” read one excited tweet by @faithlesszulu.

It wasn’t too long before the Twitterverse was knee deep in tweets announcing “Live Updates” from Joomla Day Malaysia 2011 on Saturday morning. Soon enough, the Twitter hashtag #jd11my  (for Joomla! Day 2011 Malaysia) was trending as an unofficial conference back channel.

Joomla! Community heating it up on Twitter

Psst exciting parallel session right now!

The Twitterati had even started posting early on to announce their presence at the event while others posted photos of the speakers on photo sharing sites. One of keynote speaker Ryan Ozimek quickly found its way to being posted on Twitpic, a Twitter app site. Some also busied themselves commenting on parallel sessions.

While the tweets were rolling in thick and fast, the Joomla! community in attendance made sure that the Twitterverse wasnt the only social media abuzz with Jommla!ness. The wireless generation was also busy checking into Foursquare, uploading pics on photo sites or blogging about the Joomla! mojo.

One cool kitty checks-in to Joomla! Day at Level 29, Twin Towers vis Foursquare

Live Blog updates!

(By the way, did you catch the number of peeps checked into Level 29 Tower 2 KLCC? Cool isnt it?)

All these Twitter feeds, blog updates, Foursquare check-ins, and pic uploads turned the Microsoft Auditorium on Level 29, KLCC the hub of wireless activity! The Embedded Wireless team was proud to have made all this possible with free 3G broadband Internet connectivity via our 3G Gryphon Wireless Router.

While the Embedded Wireless Labs team worked tirelessly in the background ensuring connectivity was up, the seven multi-coloured Gryphon 3G Wireless router units hummed their way at Level 29, KLCC connecting people to the Twitterverse.

For us at EWL, it was one successful day of powering the community, engaging social media and adding to the awesomeness of Joomla Day Malaysia 2011 + our Gryphon 3G Wireless Router!

Social media meets tea time!

Back inside the conference tapping away into the Twitterverse


About embeddedwireless

Embedded Wireless is a next-generation wireless telecommunications company offering connected healthcare and services for independent living, chronic disease management, elderly home care, personal wellness, intelligent automation, end-end 3G/4G enterprise solutions and telecommunications. Embedded Wireless delivers custom-designed products and solutions with cutting-edge engineering capabilities in digital hardware, RF, ASIC/ FPGA, software and embedded software. Embedded Wireless Labs was established in Malaysia in 1997 in the Multimedia Super Corridor, among the first 100 companies to be granted MSC status. Embedded Wireless, Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in 2011. Embedded Wireless, Inc. operates in Boston and San Francisco to co-ordinate sales and marketing activities for our connected heath solutions in the US market. We are strongly committed to building successful products and have patented over 47 technologies.


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