Zilant Automation Usability Trial Focuses Next on Alarm Sensors

Securing doors and windows are a vital part of safeguarding your home.  All too often intruders are able to gain entry by prising their way through unsecured doors. In most homes today it has become de rigueur to install grills, double bolts and increasingly these days, door sensor alarms to detect forced entry.

Following the successful first phase of our Zilant Automation and Security Gateway trial using wireless IP cameras in our Lab, our Usability trials geared up to the next level. So this time in addition to the wireless IP cameras, EWL Usability engineers installed a variety of doors and window sensors to detect attempted intrusions, as well as motion detectors, power outlet switch, light sensors and a smoke detector in the pantry.All these various devices were designed to test the Zilant Automation Gateway’s capability to respond to a different range of sensors.

Smoke detector in the pantry

Door alarm sensor (top left) in the main corridor

Wireless door sensors run on batteries and come in pairs with one piece placed at the door or window and the other at the frame. So when someone attempts to open the door after the alarm is armed, the pairs are disconnected and trigger an alarm. The alarms can be programmed to produce a loud piercing or a more pleasant door bell tone.

Up close : Door alarm sensor

Why have wireless sensors in homes?

Door sensors play an additional safety role for parents who need to keep track of their children’s whereabouts, as they trigger an alarm when children attempt to open exit doors where they could possibly wander unattended unto the streets

Similarly it is also useful for those living with elderly parents or nursing homes that need to keep track of the whereabouts of their elderly patients who may inadvertently wander off particularly those suffering from Alzheimer or dementia.

News item : Door sensors

Equally telling is the case for smoke detector alarms judging by the number of people who perish every year in fires often due to a failure to install any kind of early warning system.Best of all these devices are all wireless  and can be easily attached to existing door or windows without needing any cables.

News item : Smoke detectors

Zilant User Interface

Homeowners can easily manage all the alarm sensors in their homes via the Zilant User Interface. Here they have the option of choosing various setting to activate their alarms. The alarms can be set to different modes such as “Arm” or “Disarm”. Homeowners can also choose the “Away” mode when they are on vacation for instance, or “In House” mode when requiring the alarms to be active while they are at home.

Our Usability tester Balaji monitors the sensors over the Zilant User Interface

Notification by Email

One of Zilant Automation and Security Gateway’s unique features is that it notifies homeowners via email whenever an alarm sensor is triggered.  So even when you are away from home, you are notified immediately if something is amiss. You can then immediately login into the User Interface to monitor your home via your smart phone or any web enabled device.

Get notified via email!

The Usability Trials have been extremely useful in evaluating the performance of the Zilant Automation Gateway with the networked devices. The test run in the controlled environment of the Lab allows us to make review and make improvements before we commence field trials in a home environment..

Watch this space for updates!


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