Live from Home! – Zilant Automation Usability Trials

Satellites are of course watching us all the time as this Google Earth snapshot of the Section 17 neighbourhood in the leafy suburb of Petaling Jaya shows. Situated amidst this cluster of houses is a  home with a difference- its homeowners can also watch its surroundings and going-on inside it without needing any satellite.

EWL engineers ran successful trials of the Zilant Automation and Security Gateway right in our Lab last month– turning it into a test field armed with light and door sensors, smoke alarms and cameras monitored 24/7.  The next big step was to test it in a live environment – and this double storey bungalow covering a 3,500 sqf total built up area was just the right challenge! The installation team was over at the location site to evaluate the conditions and installed a total of five cameras – two indoor wireless IP cameras to monitor the living room and library, and three outdoor wireless IP cameras spread out to watch over the surrounds.

About 10 alarm sensors were also affixed to doors and windows throughout the home to ensure that any attempted break-ins would be detected and trigger the alarms. Four additional sensors were then set up to control the alarm ringer, smoke detector and motion detector. Apart from alarm sensors to monitor doors and window to secure homes, another excellent feature Zilant Automation offers is the ability to monitor  how much power household electrical appliances consume.

Google satellite view of our test site!


For this, we had another eight power monitor sensors hooked up to power outlets to gauge electrical usage. These sensor also allow homeowners to remotely control any electrical appliance plugged into the power outlet.  Only thing left to do once cameras and sensors were installed, was to hook up the Zilant Automation and Security Gateway. It can be placed anywhere in the home and as it is wireless, it automatically pairs wirelessly with the devices when the unit is powered on. There is no need to install unsightly cables or fiddle with a complex installation process. All very seamless!

Why do you need a surveillance system in your home?

There are many reasons why someone would want their homes monitored.  As homeowners we often need reassurance that our homes are secure from unauthorised intruders especially when we are away at the office or on holidays. The presence of cameras and warning notices also serve as a visual deterrence to would be intruders.  In the unfortunate event of an untoward event taking place, the camera footage can be used as evidence. In most cases as well, the cost of installing a security system will be offset by lower premiums when owners seek to insure the contents of their home. But home security systems are becoming quite common these days with the increase in crime rates in our residential housing areas. So what is new here?

View your home remotely over the web

The real advantage in installing a Zilant Automation and Security Gateway in homes is the Internet. Google Maps lets your see your home from up in the skies but the Zilant Automation user interface lets homeowners view their homes up close in real time over the web using ANY web enabled device.  That includes your smart phones, iPads etc. Owners can securely login to the Zilant user interface and monitor their homes from the office, the mall or while on vacation just like below

View of the hall and library via Zilant User Interface

What’s more, you can also use the Zilant Automation user interface to remotely control your home from anywhere in your own house. Hear strange noises outside your home in the middle of the night?  The sensors on your doors and windows will trigger the alarm if any attempt is made to force them open. Before it even gets to that, you can now identify the threat by viewing real time images from your outdoor cameras via your computer without putting yourself at risk. Once logged in, owners are able to switch between any number of cameras throughout their home.  To view your garden for instance, simply switch to your outdoor cameras.

Now you can finally figure out if its been your innocent looking Labrador that’s been chomping on your favourite Azaleas all along!

Find out if Lassie has been chomping on your Azaleas

Not only that. The Zilant user interface lets you remotely control light switches and power outlets.  Click a button and you can light up your house like a Christmas tree while downing a latte and preparing tomorrow’s presentation in your office at 7pm.

Busy morning at work and just remembered that you left your air conditioning running in your bedroom? There’s no need to panic, cancel your lunch appointments and drive home. Just login and switch it off online. You just saved yourself a whole lot of hassle and your electricity bill and the environment!

Now isn’t that quite amazing?


About embeddedwireless

Embedded Wireless is a next-generation wireless telecommunications company offering connected healthcare and services for independent living, chronic disease management, elderly home care, personal wellness, intelligent automation, end-end 3G/4G enterprise solutions and telecommunications. Embedded Wireless delivers custom-designed products and solutions with cutting-edge engineering capabilities in digital hardware, RF, ASIC/ FPGA, software and embedded software. Embedded Wireless Labs was established in Malaysia in 1997 in the Multimedia Super Corridor, among the first 100 companies to be granted MSC status. Embedded Wireless, Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in 2011. Embedded Wireless, Inc. operates in Boston and San Francisco to co-ordinate sales and marketing activities for our connected heath solutions in the US market. We are strongly committed to building successful products and have patented over 47 technologies.


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